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Ian Smissen

A passionate educator with 38 years in the education industry working in and with schools, vocational and higher education organisations and professional associations to enhance learning, engagement and organisational effectiveness in learning and teaching management with specialist skills and experience in online and blended learning. 



"In our discovery for a new LMS we came across many salesmen who didn’t have technical knowledge and educational backgrounds and equally, technical people who couldn’t see our business drivers.  I felt Ian covered all bases for us."
Paul, an Australian RTO (October 2017)

"Some seminar speakers stand-&-deliver their presentations on ‘how to teach’ but there’s an obvious issue of cognitive dissonance involved. Your session with Jaclyn was perfect – it was involving, informative, and made me think of what we could do better. I am of the opinion that this engaged and engaging style goes a long way to keeping students (any one) involved in the learning process."
Dr Ian Kirkwood, James Cook University (September 2017)

"What a fantastic difference your guidance has made today. There is so much I appreciate about it. I love your gentle approach, just showing me what I need to know and taking it from where I am at."
Margaret Lacey (April 2017)